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Light Healing

Mount Shasta Gem Essences

are made from the Love and Joy that is given to us through the Natural World.

They are made through total attunement to these energies, which is transmuted into water, so that the very essence of the energy can be taken in liquid form. Creating balance and harmony within the self, where true healing takes place.

The Gem Essence work more on the mental body, and then down through the emotional and have a powerful effect on the physical.

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Gem Essences Therapy: General Suggestions for Using Mount Shasta Gem Essences

Mount Shasta Gem Essences are a wonderfully powerful and entirely safe healing tool. Being vibrational in nature, essences have the capacity to heal at the level of the subtle bodies in the aura and beyond the physical body. They can help bring about gentle improvements in mental & emotional attitudes. They are a beautiful holistic healing tool and complementary therapy for use in conjunction with more physical kinds of treatments. I use them a great deal to support all the other healing methods.

Through the healing and release of emotional issues, limiting beliefs & attitudes, and the clearing of energy imbalances in subtle bodies, meridians & chakras, Mount Shasta Gem Essences can be a wonderful aid for your inner journey to self empowerment.

Mount Shasta Gem Essences work in a very subtle and unobtrusive way, without any discomfort or drama, and yet they are capable of bringing about profound and lasting change in your life.

Remember the following thoughts about vibrational remedies.

  • #1 Intentionality is always a key to greater success.
    Be sure to set your thoughts (through visualization, affirmation, or prayer). This is best done prior to taking the essence or while it stays in your mouth or hands for a few moments.
  • #2 Remain conscious of your experience.
    Thoughts, feelings or realizations may come to the surface of your consciousness as part of the awakening, healing, or transformational process. Do not ignore them, as it is important to process all of these revelations to successfully transit into a more balanced and healthy reality.
  • #3 Always reach out for help.
    It is a Universal Law that whenever you ask for help of a more integrated being that they will give it. This is the basis of the power of prayer. So, for better understanding of your personal process, you can always ask your guides for greater clarity and assistance. You can reach out to the Angelic Kingdom for help.

    When taking various essences, one can always turn to particular Devas of stones to assist you. While using Mount Shasta Gem Essences there are many multi-dimensional beings with a benevolent or loving disposition towards Humanity, who are available to assist, even in a way that might be considered miraculous.
  • #4 Enjoy the journey.
    There are times that the awakening or healing process can be joyful, thought-provoking or even shocking. If you feel the need to become detached, do so.

    The key to the asscension process is the willingness to look at some deeply buried emotions or thoughts that will allow them to surface and be transmuted. By removing these submerged thoughts and feelings, there is no need for them to turn into disease, drama, financial distress, or emotional imbalance.

    This is the reason for using vibrational healing, which, as the ultimate preventative medicine, diminishes the need to create the illness in order to receive self-awareness.

    As part of the healing process, there may be some slight cleansing reactions. These can be in the form of dark thoughts and emotions surfacing, disturbed sleep, tiredness, anxiety, skin or excretory discharge, even excess energy.

    Some things to pay attention to are the reflections appearing in your life. New people or situations may appear in order to speed up your process of self-realization. Pay close attention to all change in "normal" life patterns, for this may be your guides' (Higher Self's) way of showing you the inner truth of what it is that you need to understand.
  • #5 You are never alone.
    Each one of us has a rich following of beings from other lifetimes, guides or members of our Soul Family who are totally prepared to support us through our journeys with great love and patience.

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